As we build-up to the 2nd big edition of the UNCENSORED Festival in 2021, we want to wet your appetite and keep your skin tingling by presenting to you UNCENSORED WORKSHOPS 2020. 

It’s a programme consisting of three workshops based on sex-practices and bodywork that we selected to creatively explore our intimacy, embrace a sex-positive culture and enact personal empowerment.

UNCENSORED WORKSHOPS will take place once a month in the peaceful atmosphere of The Old Baths in Hackney Wick (January, February and March 2020).

Each workshop’s event will be led by a different sex practitioner working on specific themes and practices to create a seamless journey towards a more immersive and comprehensive experience.

Through bodywork, breathplay, movement, conscious kink & BDSM and role play, we want to experience consent and gender equality in practice, discarding any feelings of guilt and shame and reinforcing bonds between human beings.

Each event will have a break with tea and lunch provided by the vegan kitchen Gaia Pulses and included in the price of the ticket.


26th of January 2020 – Embodied Pleasure with Katy Cara
23th of February 2020 – Erotic Leadership with Marti Birch
15th of March 2020 – Intimate Ropes with Xana


Each event will start at 12.30 AM and finish at 4.45 PM, including a lunch break.


  • This is an all-genders, queer-friendly workshop, open to individuals and couples/open partnerships, of any gender and ability, aged 18+. 
  • We have zero-tolerance towards any sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, xenophobic, body-slut or kink-shaming and non-consensual behaviour. 
  • Members of the UNCENSORED team will be present during every workshop.  
  • If you feel unclear on any of the above terminology then please do not hesitate to email us prior to the workshop as it’s always better to ask. 


  • You do not have to have previously attended any sex/body/kink focused workshops, however, it is important that to cultivate a space of respect and trust, you must be open to embracing an environment of self-expression.  
  • You are encouraged to participate in response to your own personal boundaries, a ‘NO’ is equally as respected and welcomed as any ‘YES’’. 


  • The workshop will be taught in English.  
  • Interpreters and personal assistants are invited into the space. Complimentary tickets can be booked, email olivia@uncensoredfest.com to reserve.  
  • Workshops will include a range of verbal and physical activities including seated tasks, moving in the space and short practical tasks. Exercises can be adaptive. Cushions and chairs are available to use at all times 
  • No partner is required and everyone will have the opportunity to work with different people. 
  •  Those with partners can choose to do all, some or none of the exercises together. Please begin these conversations before entering the space.  
  • Our intention is to create a safe(r) space for all-inclusive of gender, orientation and access requirements. If you have any questions, queries or specific requirements please email olivia@uncensoredfest.com


  • The venue is wheelchair accessible.  
  • There is a designated relaxed space with mats and cushion if participants are in need of separation from the activities, for silence, sound and stretching. 
  • Lighting can be adapted upon request. 
  • Photos and footage of the space can be provided prior to the event (email olivia@uncensoredfest.com) 
  • The toilets are gender-neutral. 
  • UNCENSORED have team members in and outside of the space if you want to check-in, ask a question or raise a concern. 
Where we are
The Old Baths