Monday 9th May 2022


For the opening day of UNCENSORED festival 2022, our team has selected the most unapologetic documentaries submitted to the movies open call.

Six inspiring international titles crossing p()rn, erotica, kink and fetish, never screened in the UK before. Reserve your spot to enjoy an explosive line-up in the magical theatre space of the Hen & Chicken. An unforgettable Monday to make London hot again!

7PM Opening and drinks

7.45PM – Theatre

✖️SOVEREIGN SEX of Michael Essberg

Follow the experience of Raz, age 30, as they explore their sexuality for the first time in this psychedelic docu-porn. A decade ago, Raz’s virginity was taken by rape; now they are choosing to have their first sovereign sexual experience by pegging their close friend Daemon, on camera. Daemon willingly offers up his juicy ass for their mutual pleasure and together they create a fun, safe environment for erotic exploration and healing.

Duration 14:10

✖️MY ELEMENT WATER by Swen Brandy Carnivore

Trigger Warning: This documentary shows BDSM related violent scenes.

25-year-old Madame A, a former long distance competitive swimmer, has been connected with water since she can remember. As breathing was the first thing she was taught to learn, she is now confronted with a challenge when the familiarity and comfort of breathing is taken away from her.

Duration 20:07


Prolific documentarian Jan Soldat offers focused insights into the lives of individuals living out alternative sexual existences. Society’s acceptance of fetish and kink activities, the individuals who choose to live these lives and how they affect them and those around them are central themes in both of these enquiring short documentaries.

Duration 11.02 +15.30

⚡️BREAK – 15 minutes⚡️

9:20PM – Theatre


The third instalment of Four Chambers’ series exploring power and submission. Featuring the amazing Miss Gold + Toilet AKA The London Vagabond. It’s a wet (wet wet wet) dream of piss, spit and boot licking worship.

Duration 15:46

✖️ATOMIC WEDNESDAYS by Morgana Mayer

In 1996 Luigi (at that time 60 years old) and Vittoria formed an artistic partnership that produced 18 extreme and pornographic surreal films under the name Atomic Film. These films changed the idea and conception of porn and sexuality that had existed in Italy up to that time.

Duration 50:00


Hen and Chickens Theatre

The Hen and Chickens Theatre is a fringe venue for theatre and comedy situated above a pub at Highbury in the London Borough of Islington. The theatre management was awarded to actress Felicity Wren in 1999.


photo from ATROPHY PORTRAITS III by Four Chambers

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