Sunday 15th of May


UNCENSORED festival is back with a new hot programme of movies selected from our 2022 open call. 

We were searching for shorts, features, documentaries and video art welcoming new narratives around sexuality and intimacy, through a playful, critical and fluid cinematic gaze. As a response, we have been delightfully inundated by submissions from every corner of the world… a huge wet wave of love, fluids and frames!

After hours of sweats and goosebumps, we are ready to share a dense programme of movies – shorts and features –  with you. The final selection has been curated by our jury’s members:

 Kali Sudhra – Adult Performer, Dominatrixxx, Educator and Sex Work Activist

Paulita Pappel – Curator and co-organiser of the Porn Film Festival Berlin, film director & producer

Celia Pouzet – Film Festival curator for Brussels Porn Film Festival, Courts Mais Trash, Fantasia Film Festival and MotelX

Nora MehenniProducer and technician for home video releases

Slavina – Transfemminist Porn Activist, Filmmaker and Performer

The screening will be followed by closing awards ceremony for the categories:




The closing ceremony will be hosted by UNCENSORED jury’s members and will take place at the iconic venue the MOTH CLUB.

The award ceremony is sponsored kindly by Self & More

Self & More is an online sex toy boutique that celebrates pleasure unapologetically. We curate body-safe sex toys and our website is free from gender labels. Sexual wellness, pleasure objects, stuff to fuck with. Come get stuck in.


4:45 – 5:30 – UNCENSORED 2022 //  SLOT1

FagDyke Cruising – Toni Karat (16:23)

Two strangers cruising for a simple thrill lock eyes in the subway station, but the destination of their hook-up will take them to the unexpected. This scorching hot exploration of BDSM and anonymous sexual encounters is the perfect climax for your night.
CW: Un-simulated sex, BDSM”

NatiAnal Pornographic – Tigr Otto (05:23)

A tongue-in-cheek study that analyzes the behavior of Diego Tigrotto. Someone who creates video content with the intention of getting pleasure from its exhibition, but also to make the females that will receive the footage in which he shows his member horny.

Bloodmilk – Four Chambers (18:27)

A lust for the blood of another is a lust to merge bodies on deeper level. To be inside them, to penetrate and consume them beyond skin, beyond boundary. Desiring most the thing you shouldn’t desire. A deep insatiability for connection on a level surpassing physical and mortal limits. True surrender, to open and be opened in every possible way.

Better Than Clean – Torri Lisek (11:30)

Lina’s dinner party is a wash-out when all of her friends let her down. As she clears the food away, she notices a mysterious advert on the side of a cosmetic bottle and decides to investigate. The evening takes an unexpected turn when she is led into a surreal scene of self-indulgence.

Break 15 min

5:45 – 6:45  – UNCENSORED 2022 //  SLOT2

My Garage My Rules – Manon Praline (10:45)

A modern take on classic French porn, a day of work at the girls’ garage. Lola Tormento goes to get her car fixed, but is it really her engine that is leaking? She wouldn’t have sex on the bonnet of the car with the mechanic would she? Or misuse the tools to fuck Manon Praline until they are both exhausted? No, she wouldn’t do that, she needs her car fixed today!

Exhibitionists – EDIY productions (10:04)

Two hotties go for a sex adventure in the streets, marking their territory with the delicious liquid of cum. 

Blood, Sweat, & Tears – Cat Gold (15:20)

Daddy Ashley Paige is blood thirsty and wastes no time tenderizing their pain loving pin cushion Cat Gold. Using Cat’s body as a canvas for carving and smearing, Ashley loves to make a good girl cry and works up a sweat while doing it. Will Cat be good enough for Ashley’s carnal desires? Will they get what they deserve after all?

Cumyard – Omar Flores Sarabia (15:06)

He comes back from death to feel his lover one last time. Today is the day of the dead. Wet shivers from Mexico.

Break 15 min

7:00 – 7:45   – UNCENSORED SHORTS 2022 //  SLOT3

Tapedeck – Lucio Massa (13:00)

A journey into forced isolation in the days of the Coronavirus pandemic. Three people tell their stories through a personal erotic and sensual vision. Anger, obsession and crepuscular eroticism as the only answer to an unacceptable life. Imprisonment and death. Will only imagination save us.

42 Dni/42 Days – Nat Portnoy (11:15)

Trigger warnings: terminal disease, disability, suicide.

The film, shot during the pandemic, focuses on a confrontation with a fear of a terminal disease while trying to process a complex, personal tragedy. The author takes the viewers onto a journey of different realizations regarding a difficult family relations, gender and sexual identity, migration and re-rooting. It reflects on the experience of queerness in a conservative Catholic setting, the ideas of survival, hope and love as well as the liberation from a feeling of guilt and shame. The author wonders what is it that determines who we really are and speculates whether it is possible to fully accept one’s fate.

Fucking Freaks Club – Nour Beech and Nicky (18:38)

A queer mystery is being solved by a post porn ritual where two beings will explore their non-binary self to overtake their fear.

Break 15 min

8:00 – 9:00 – UNCENSORED SHORTS 2022 //  SLOT4

Human Time – Thousand Faces (14:44)

Neen and James show extraordinary generosity through their incredible openness and freedom in front of the camera, giving us a widow into their sexual and emotional partnership, as well as their beautiful kink dynamic. Their knowledge of the technicalities and significance of Shibari / Kinbaku rope-play and it’s seamless integration into their passionate interplay creates a showcase of intricate vulnerability, concentration, and abandon.

Orgone Theory – Four Chambers (21:14)

Wilhelm Reich’s controversial ideas about the nature of God, sexuality and his association with communism meant that his work banned and his inventions and experiments destroyed. But the ideas persisted. Reich investigates the importance of sexuality for human life and its relevance in understanding society’s problems. We built an Orgone Accumulator in Berlin and we fucked in it. The accumulator is part science experiment, part esoteric fuck machine, part reverse glory hole.

Crash – Four Chambers (15:32)

Four Chambers homage to JG Ballard’s controversial text from 1973, Crash. Much like a car crash, this year has been, in many ways, an atrocity exhibition that we couldn’t look away from. Drawing our gaze closer and closer watching every horror unfold in shimmering pixels on our screens, every second, every minute distorted to stretching out endlessly repeated over days upon days spent inside.

Thomas Outside – Thomas Grundvold (09:34)

The short film is an erotic metaphor of the naked body in communication with nature. The Danish video artist and photographer Thomas / Grundvold uses his mobile phone and a photo camera to make videos that look like old paintings, presenting us his body like it was a piece of clay to mould sculptures from.

09:30 – Closing awards ceremony 

Closing at 11pm


photo: from Fucking Freaks Club