Intimate Ropes

From belly to belly to Shibari and Shiatsu

Join Xana as she guides you through this four hour workshop, which is divided into two distinct parts. 

When it comes to intimacy, a deep connection with our self and others along with an understanding of reciprocal needs and boundaries, is an important goal to achieve and put into practice. How can we improve these experiences? Which kind of practices encourage us to explore intimacy through listening to our own and other people’s desires, whilst working on our bodies?

Part 1. We will start from our bellies. The belly is the centre of our body, the place where life begins, but also where we process food, to receive the nourishment we need to live. The belly is also the centre of the body where strong energy lies waiting to be awakened and used for creation and awareness of mind and body. We’ll explore some simple techniques to awaken our sexual energy and connect to each other through our bellies.

From my belly to yours, which practices will help us to stay connected? 

Part 2. Shiatsu and Bondage. These two disciplines were both born in Japan and share common traits which can be complementary. Shiatsu can teach us how to listen to our and other’s bodies. Once a connection and trust are established, Bondage can be the following step to enhance a deeper communication, allowing for emotions and feelings to be expressed.

We will explore the intersection of Shibari and Shiatsu involving breath, restriction, pressure points and simple rope exercises. How can we go beyond the surface of our body to connect with other people and improve our intimacy?

Who is Xana?

Xa Na is a Berlin-based artist and has been living in the world of Shiatsu and ropes since 2000. Her holistic path and approach grew on multiple levels involving BDSM, Aikido, bodywork and sex-positive practices. Exploring the use of different disciplines to work on the connection between body, mind and spirit, Xana developed her personal research on pressure and pressure points in Shibari and Shiatsu.Xana is also an artist, performer and teacher, offering personal BDSM sessions as Domina at Studio LUX in Berlin and involved in the programmes of Moscow Knot, Kit Kat Berlin, Eurix, Xplore.



What will you take home from the workshop
  • an understanding of how to approach your body and others, asking for boundaries and listening for the needs
  • working on how to reach a deep level of relaxation and reduce the expectations of “performing” a good act with a good result
  • being in the “here and now” whilst approaching, working and creating with other
  • basic sequences of knots.

Safe(r) space practices and access

  • Boundaries – honor your own and honor others’ boundaries. 
  • Everything is an invitation – you don’t have to engage with any activities and take your time and space to do what feels right at that time
  • Be an ally – welcome to a space where everyone practices activities consensually with everyone, no matter their gender identity, sexual preferences. This is not a hook-up space 
  • Confidentiality – what happens in the space, stays in space
  • No judgment – be kind to yourself and others, we are all humans worth respect and kindness
  • Introverts corner – there will be a designated space to sit on your own, without having to engage in conversation and just simply take time off from whatever is happening, during the workshop and at the breaks. The UNCENSORED team will always be present if you want to chat.  


  • The venue is wheelchair accessible
  • All genders, ability and sexual orientations welcome
  • Whatever your relationship configuration, you are welcome here – come solo, with partner/s or a group
  • There is no pressure to participate in anything that you don’t want to do

Please see the full access information here

Workshop details:

Sunday 15th March 2020 at The Old Baths

h.12.30PM – 4.45PM

  • Part One: Belly to Belly – 1 hr 45 mins
  • Break: 40 minutes – lunch provided by Gaia Pulse
  • Part Two: Shibari & Shiatzu – 1 hr 45 mins

Intimate ropes workshop ticket and three workshops pass:

OutSavvy - UNCENSORED PRESENTS: Intimate ropes with Xana

Where we are

The Old Baths