Embodied Ropes
A workshop by Anna Bones & Lotus Oracle

Monday 16th May 2022 // 14:30-18:45 

⚡️Part One  – 14:30 – 16:30 

30 mins break with tea/coffee/snacks

⚡️Part Two – 17:00 – 18:45

[including 20-30 minute demo/performance from Anna and Lotus Oracle]


Join us as we come together to celebrate the post-restriction resurrection of shared physical touch through the uniquely intimate and powerful medium of rope. The COVID-19 pandemic saw access to physical touch lost for so many of us, and with it the opportunity to connect on a critical physical level, human to human.

In collaboration with Anatomie Studios, we bring you Embodied Ropes, a unique exploratory workshop taking us on a sensorial journey, using ropes as a vehicle for deep connection. Through a guided, embodied approach we explore both the psychological and somatic experience of rope against skin, facilitating a deeper level of awareness of our needs and desires and how we can embrace this resource to enhance our bodily experience and step into our full erotic power. The workshop will incorporate breath and energy work to bring a heightened awareness to the body, as well as exploring methods of physical restraint, calling upon emotional resources to define boundaries as well as intimate rope play. You will leave empowered to take these new skills away into your own erotic journeys!

The workshop structure is suitable for attendance solo or in a pair – such is the flexibility and versatility of this practice. Though this practice is a powerful tool in facilitating connection to your own body, we do recommend you come with an openness to share physical touch with other bodies. 


✖️ An understanding of how to approach your body and others, asking for boundaries and listening for the needs

✖️ Navigating consent without words, negotiating wants and limits without it feeling like an interview, creating risk aware AND sexy spaces, and also we will cover physical safety related to rope bondage.

✖️ Working on how to reach a deep level of relaxation and trust. 

✖️ Being in the “here and now” whilst approaching, working and creating with others.

✖️ Basic sequences of knots.


Anna is a full time shibari aficcionado who runs Anatomie Studio (the Uk’s first and only full-time shibari studio). She has been doing rope since 2013 and identifies as a switch (both bottom and rigger). Lover of touch, intensity and restriction, she loves tying with her whole body and creating spaces that challenge the mind and the body.


Lotus Oracle is a London based rope bottom who has practised yoga since the 90s and qualified as an instructor in 2017.  She attended her first rope jam at Anatomie Studio in 2015 having been inspired by watching Anna Bones and Fred Hatt perform.  Her exploration of rope is deeply entwined with her studies in yoga, meditation and spending time exploring ritual.  She is interested in the space between the energetic body and the flesh and bone body; and the potential for rope to act as a tool for transformation.


Anatomie Studios
113 / Unit, Arch, 17 Station Passage, London SE15 2JR