Embodied Pleasure

Amplifying love energy for me, you and the planet

Join Katy for a day of deep sensual exploration, connection and play – allowing yourself space to slow down and feel more sensations in the body, and to go beyond physical form exploring the sensual world in a whole new way. 

By slowing down, listening more deeply to our bodies and our senses, and tuning in and focusing on a finer level, we can cultivate and amplify love energy for ourselves, for our partners and for the planet!

If you have found the topic of Tantra intriguing, but felt put off or alienated by the binary language that is often used, or if you would you like to connect and play with energy without defining your and your partner/s roles by your gender or sexual orientation, this lab is for you! 

In learning how to choose which roles we would like to step into, and exploring the richness of language to describe our intentions and our experiences, we can journey to the breadth and depths of energetic connections and sensual and sexual experiences – with our clothes on or off! 

This is a day where you can explore your relationship with yourself and others, and delve deeper into your senses, sensuality, and creativity. Through this embodied pleasure lab, Katy aims to reframe what it is to give and receive pleasure and sensuality. By bringing more sensuality and pleasure in the world, the more beautiful our lives and our world can be.

Who is Katy Cara?

Katy is an educator, bodyworker and guide, passionate about integrated, embodied empowerment through sensuality, sexuality and shadow, and the journey back to wholeness. She is a lover of the messiness of being human – the dark and the light and everything in between. Katy’s mission is to co-create a more beautiful world together – relating, integrating and radiating.


What will you take home from the workshop

Part 1: The day begins going on our Journey of the Senses, where we will re-learn and experience:

  • Using the senses as a vehicle to embodiment and visceral experience of pleasure
  • Listening to our bodies through breath, movement, meditation, sensing and embodiment practices
  • Finding creative ways of opening up to pleasure, even – and especially! – in a non-sexual way
  • Asking for what we want, negotiating and agreeing on boundaries, and creating sensory rituals for one another 

Part 2: Later in the day, we will delve into the realm of Queer Tantra and Energy Sex:

  • Going beyond physical form to explore the sensual and sexual world in a whole new way 
  • Reclaiming Tantra beyond the binary
  • Connecting and playing with energy without defining roles based on gender or genitals
  • Experiencing the multiple penetration points the body has to offer

Safe(r) space practices and access

  • Boundaries – honor your own and honor others’ boundaries. 
  • Everything is an invitation – you don’t have to engage with any activities and take your time and space to do what feels right at that time
  • Be an ally – welcome to a space where everyone practices activities consensually with everyone, no matter their gender identity, sexual preferences. This is not a hook-up space 
  • Confidentiality – what happens in the space, stays in space
  • No judgment – be kind to yourself and others, we are all humans worth respect and kindness
  • Introverts corner – there will be a designated space to sit on your own, without having to engage in conversation and just simply take time off from whatever is happening, during the workshop and at the breaks. The UNCENSORED team will always be present if you want to chat.  


  • The venue is wheelchair accessible
  • All genders, ability and sexual orientations welcome
  • Whatever your relationship configuration, you are welcome here – come solo, with partner/s or a group
  • There is no full nudity or genital touch in this workshop – it’s exciting to discover what sensual delights we can experience without this!
  • There is no pressure to participate in anything that you don’t want to do

Please see the full access information here

What to bring
  • Loose and comfortable clothes
  • Water bottle
  • A blanket 
  • Notebook and pen

Workshop details:

Sunday 26th January 2020 at The Old Baths

h.12.30PM – 4.45PM

  • Part One: Journey of the Senses – 1 hr 45 mins
  • Break: 40 minutes – lunch provided by Gaia Pulse
  • Part Two: Queer Tantra and Energy Sex – 1 hr 45 mins
Embodied Pleasure workshop ticket and three workshops pass:

OutSavvy - UNCENSORED PRESENTS: Embodied Pleasure with Katy Cara

Where we are
The Old Baths