UNCENSORED team met EdiyPorn Productions, collective who won the award Body of work for Uncensored in lockdown open call.

Tell us about you. How did you begin, what was your journey into creating explicit content?

The process of creating EdiyPorn was collaborative, each person involved had their own personal experience with producing explicit content. We met in São Paulo but we come from different states in Brazil, we have all been participants of the pos-pornô movement,  With a personal history of critiquing mainstream porn and the desire to question our own sexualities, we wanted  to move towards a production of pornography that was made by the whishes of the performers and that could enlarge our perception of what’s sexual and what’s not. We call what we’ve been making deviant pornography. 

When we created EdiyPorn our idea was to build ways in which our productions could really affect people and enter into the porn market to dispute the capital that flows between mainstream movies. We started working together in early 2019 and we launched our online platform in April 2020.

Have you experienced censorship in your work? Do you think there are ways we can respond, fight it, do better?

One of the reasons why we chose to build our own website was to upload any content we wanted and to present it in a way that could make the viewers discover unexpected kinky stuff. We’ve had videos that were deniyed on platforms like Pornhub and ManyVids because they were related to scat – it’s interesting how scat videos are forbidden but recorded rape is still aceptable. In Instagram we had 3 profiles that were deleted with no warnings, even though we had other  far from explicit content on there. 

We also had problems finding a newsletter service that would accept emails about pornography. We think that the best way to fight back is to build and strengthen independent media and platforms. The internet brings a whole bunch of possibilities and it’s important for us, as viewers and consumers, to challenge ourselves in finding people that are creating innovative content and support their work.

 “Support local business” is real, but in the vision of this pandemic experience where we are spending way more hours on the internet, it’s interesting to question how can we build a global network of support, to make 10.000 Km, local . This is North, South, East and Western – quoting M.I.A. here. Is it possible to minimally oversee our borders and connect money overseas? When talking about independent porn we have some well-known options of North American and European platforms which are very expensive if you are subscribing in Brazillian currency, making its access extremely difficult for audiences from the global South. Who has the right to access queer and deviant pornography? This is another key reason for us to have our own platform, this way we can price it accordingly to the porn market here. In this interview we are talking about pornography but this strategy of strengthening our networks – bringing in consideration the geographic lottery of privilege – goes for everything in life.

You responded to the Open Call ‘Uncensored in Lockdown’. What inspired your film and how was it to create and shoot a film during a pandemic?

We decided to start shooting solo scenes since they would be COVID free. During the process we realized how important it was to look at our masturbation practices, we were isolated and somehow having the opportunity to explore new possibilities in our bodies. The first months of the pandemic really forced us to reconnect with ourselves. But we also needed sex scenes with more people, so we decided to buy videos from other independent porn makers, like Casa Cochina from Argentina. It was great for us to exchange with more people and to start developping EdiyPorn as a platform not only for the videos we produce, but as a real vehicle for those interested in deviant pornography.

Do you have any projects in the pipeline and do you have any parting words to your adoring fans?

EdiyPorn is an ongoing project, so for the future we envision more financial structure to produce and distribute our films and the films that are comissioned by EdiyPorn. Besides pornography we are interested in sexuality in general, so we have some non explicit projects where we can talk about sex, relationships, gender, consent and sex work. We’re not sure about the format but we are thinking about starting as a YouTube channel. We have ideas on shooting feature-length films and contemporary pornochanchada – a cinema genre that was very popular in Brazil in the 70’s. Alongside EdiyPorn we produce a performance called Pornoshow, which consists of a group of performers firing out vibes of porny hornyness, we started doing it in public spaces but since COVID it has been online.

Wooa, fans! haha, well, thanks for riding with us and if you haven’t subscribed to ediyporn.com don’t wait a minute longer! Share it with your friends, babe! And if you wanna talk more don’t hesitate in sending us an email at ediyproducoes@gmail.com or a message on Twitter (::

Thanks EDIY!