UNCENSORED team met Candy Flip, amongst the authors of the short-film Sex in times of corona and one of the winners of Uncensored in lockdown open call.

Tell us about you. How did you begin, what was your journey into creating explicit content?

After finishing university, all my fellow psychology students got a reputable job and a grounded lifestyle. I didn’t. I always wanted to be that one bad apple that spoils the whole barrelSo I dived into a world of sweat and champagne, fetish and drama, sin and misery: the Berlin porn scene!

I work as a kinky escort and as a performer for mainstream video clips. For me, sex work is not only a source of income and pleasure, but also a way to reclaim agency within a patriarchal system. Besides, I contributed to a couple of beautiful and artsy indie porn productions – both in front and behind the camera.

Have you experienced censorship in your work? Do you think there are ways we can respond, fight it, do better?

Of course! What we call pornography is produced by censorship. Although I hate how big international companies like social media, credit card providers etc. and repressive youth protection laws restrict my artistic freedom and my possibilities to distribute my work and earn money, I’m not sure if pornography as we know it is even thinkable without censorship.

You responded to the Open Call ‘Uncensored in Lockdown’. What inspired your film and how was it to create and shoot a film during a pandemic?

Lockdown and the command to socially distance because of COVID-19 directly inspired our film. We knew that many sex workers were especially affected by the crisis because they were not eligible for governmental aid. We ourselves sat at home and were not able to work in our normal jobs during lockdown. So we decided to make a fun short film about how to have sex complying with the social distancing rules and use it to raise funds for sex workers during the Corona crisis.

Do you have any projects in the pipeline and do you have any parting words to your adoring fans?

We just released our newest project URBAN SMUT. We used the home office time during lockdown for post production. It’s an anthology of five dirty shorts from the streets of Berlin. Watch it here: urbansmut.com

Also the crisis is not over unfortunately, so donate for sex workers and other marginalized people! Thank you :

Thanks Candy!

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