The British premiere of Fisting Club Ep. 01, directed by Shu Lea Cheang, will open Uncensored and Hot, a marathon of short films selected through our international open call.

Fisting Club Ep. 01 gathers an array of well-known sex performers like Jiz Lee, Sadie Lune and Lina Bembe as well as newcomers Romy Furie and Sky Deep to celebrate the rules of the Fisting Club. 

Taiwanese-American director Shu Lea Cheang is best known for her 2000 cult smash I.K.U. in which sensual cyborgs fuck for information and pleasure. The film, heavily influenced by Blade Runner, is perhaps the first cyberpunk movie to radically explore the possibilities of cybernetic sexualities. The pioneer in the field of media art embraced the internet and hacking culture early on, recognising both its capacity to enslave as well as liberate, mixing that with queer and sexually explicit imagery bringing something new to the cultural landscape. Cheang describes herself as both a ‘cyber homesteader’ and a ‘high-tech aborigine’ hinting at meta-levels of not only her own life but the worlds of her films. Shu Lea Cheang will represent Taiwan at the 58th Venice Biennale in May 2019 with an installation curated by philosopher Paul B. Preciado.


FRIDAY 17 MAY: 23.15 – 01.15 @The Old Baths





Julia Schönstädt All Eyes On Me 

Jo Pollux, Sadie Lune As you wish, My Lady

Diego Glikman Who’s my Daddy

Hello Rooster and Allie Oops TRIPLE P: Political Pussy Pounding

Candy Flip Intoxicate Yourself

Marne Lucas aka CuntemporaryArtist and Jacob Pander The operation

Carys Lewis Don’t Touch The Art…Touch Me

Leon Schwitter Proud And Young

Anne Sofie Steen Sverdrup Boy oh Boy

Rubis Collective RubiX

Fisting Club Ep.01 – Photos J.Jackie Baier Jo Pollux, Sadie Lune  As you wish, My LadyCarys Lewis Don’t Touch my art… touch me


Julia Schönstädt All Eyes On MeCandy Flip Intoxicate YourselfMarne Lucas aka CuntemporaryArtist and Jacob Pander The operationRubis Collective RubiX