RUBIS COLLECTIVE is a collective of queer artists aiming to
create interdisciplinary sexually explicit artwork. With PORN as our
main media, we want to make films that are both artistic, as well as
sexually arousing. We think that today’s mainstream gay porn is
inefficient to provide us the narratives, the diversity and the stories
we want to see.

Industrial porn is systematically giving us a robotic, serial,
orgasmic oriented sex, forgetting that sex is an interaction, it has
context and it is much more than a repetition of movements with a cum
shot at the end. We wanna add our voices with the new generation of
pornographers who are trying to give porn a new face.


Jo, a sailor with an off-duty liberty pass, walks by a colorful population at a seashore. His encounter with Cuir takes him into a dream-like universe, where the faces of the men he saw under a bridge become his deepest fantasies, all in one place of freedom and promiscuity: the RubiX.

2018 France; Duration: 22:35