Marnie Scarlet is a unique multimedia artist, creating bold and often unclassifiable work that spans from performances and wearable art to fine art pieces. Her preferred medium is latex but she also uses recycled items and fabrics in her shows, such as hypodermic needles, used make-up wipes and ring pulls from soda cans. Part of Scarlet’s practice consists of taking self-portraits of herself in her trademark masks and colourful, surreal outfits, against a sombre backdrop. Her work is strongly influenced by feminism, surrealism, absurdism and pop art.

Scarlet explores the grotesque and the distorted, using her body as a means that blurs the outlines of gender and sexuality as well as the boundaries between different art forms and traditions. Scarlet is part of Art Society Soho and has displayed her work at Cultivate, StopJectify, Modern Panic, BSMT Space gallery, Sweet Art exhibitions, and She and Game Face; most recently she has had a solo exhibition at ITS clubhouse in Mayfair and has had two of her pieces featured at Turner Contemporary for POW. She is a renowned artist of the UK fetish performance scene, having performed in numerous fetish events in the UK and internationally.


Scarlet will bring to UNCENSORED her fetish cabaret performance Total BankerDo bankers wank? Scarlet wonders in her signature uncanny and queer style, exploring the relationship between masculinity, today’s economy and the nature of finance capitalism. Total Banker is a genderfuck performance with all the elements that characterise Scarlet’s work: absurd and dark but at the same time flamboyant, pop and unapologetically sexy.

SATURDAY 18 MAY 01.00-01.30 @The Yard Theatre



Marnie Scarlet © Doralba PicernoMarnie Scarlet © Doralba Picerno