Valentine aka Fluida Wolf is a trashy-drag-bitch, transfeminist, antifascist, postporn activist, militant translator and compulsive pegger. Her main interventions concern non-normative bodies and sexualities, post-pornography, sex working, BDSM, queer relationships, eco-sexuality and the intersectionality of struggles. Fluida’s work combines her two great passions, feminist activism and translations, which obviously makes her precarious. She strongly believes in the potential of the body as an instrument of knowledge, personal growth and empowerment and as a collective political weapon. She has collaborated with publishing houses and other militant translators in order to bring to Italy fundamental texts born within the anarcho-punk-queer-postporn milieu, such as Fica Potens (‘Cunt Power’) by Diana J. Torres aka Pornoterrorista, Devenir Perra (‘Becoming Bitch’) by Basque transfeminist activist Itziar Ziga’s -the book-manifesto which inspired her dissertation on the concept of ‘Militant Translations’- and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino. She is the creator of the project ‘Anal Liberation Front’, as part of which she toured around Italy a workshop on the introduction to anal pleasure. The project is still ongoing and will soon see the release of her translation of Bill Brent’s The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men. Fluida has been a member of the jury for short films in the Hacker Porn Film Festival in Rome. She has also taken part in movies and online series as Female Touch by Morgana Mayer and La prima volta by Vice Italy. She is currently participating in Julia Ostertag’s new film project Female Ejaculation and other Mysteries of the World.


Fluida is bringing to UNCENSORED the workshop Ejaculation for C*nts, which has been presented in festivals all over Europe, including Porn Film Festival Berlin. The workshop is based on the work and investigations of Diana J. Torres – a subject of which Fluida is considered one of the greatest experts in Italy – and will offer the tools to collectively reconstruct and awaken the deeply rooted knowledge of our bodies and sexuality.

Modern medicine, as well as religious institutions and patriarchal societies, have been hiding crucial information about our lives: we can also squirt! The purpose of this workshop is not to create an army of squirting cunt-having people, but to break down myths and taboos surrounding female ejaculation in order to gain control of a part of our bodies that has been oppressed by western culture for centuries.

The workshop is divided into two parts. PART 1 (60’) is theoretical and open to everyone; it includes a powerpoint presentation tackling the issue from different points of view, followed by a short discussion. PART 2 (25’) is exclusively for cunt-having people who have attended the PART 1.

Please note that availability is limited for this workshop.


17:00 – 18:00: PART 1: Female ejaculation open talk @The Hub 67

18:20- 18:45: PART 2: Workshop, exclusively for cunt-having people @The Hub 67