Intersection of art and pornography through a queer/feminist lens

UNCENSORED presents an intersection of art and pornography through a queer/feminist lens that breaks away from the traditional dichotomy of aesthetics versus pornography and its portrayal as a solely sexually-arousing instrument. The show encourages the reevaluation of what is considered offensive or abusive and addresses diverse permutations of censorship along with their artistic and political implications.

Sexually explicit art provides a tool for social criticism, with erotic content constitutively intertwining with activist and aesthetics intentions. Feminist and queer artists fight against prevalent beauty standards, gender representation, patriarchy, objectification and censorship repressing diversity in expressions of sexuality. 

Through the curatorial frame of a second skin, artists project modern sexual behaviours, digitalisation, desire and technology whilst employing art as a form of empowerment and resistance to censorship by linking creativity with sexual practices, post-porn art with activism and queer-feminist politics with sex-positive performance art.

@ The Old Baths
Opening Reception 17th May, 18:00 – 01:00
18th May – 19th May, Opening hours TBA
Open to the general public

Participating Artists
Elin Magnusson
Frankie Chow
Freya Douglas Ferguson
Ian Haig
Jasmine Pajdak
Lisette Ros
Marne Lucas
Michelle Helena Janssen
Nathan Anthony Taylor
Simone Lezzi & Ruben Esposito
Theresa Bradbury

Gabriella Gasparini
Josefine Reich & Johannes D’Amico
Neo Fung & Al/ice/ex Donaghy

@ The Yard Theatre
18th May – 19th May, 13:30 – 22:00
Accessible for ticket holders to any of the Uncensored events

Participating Artists
Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek
Anita Dada
Elin Magnusson
Guido Castagnoli
Igor Furtado
Leon Schwitter
Lidia Ravviso & Slavina
Marne Lucas
Marnie Scarlet
Michelle Helena Janssen
Mu Zhang
Studio Prokopiou
Trinity Tristan

The exhibition consist of artworks coming from an international open call, commissions and selected works.

The open call artists has been chosen by a Jury consisting of Karl Verboten, Sara Sassanelli and Aleksandra Wojt.

Curated by Aleksandra Wojt.