Erotic Leadership

Pathway to consent, power & kink


“Who was first? Dominant or submissive? None. CONSENT.”

Skillfully crafted 4 hours of self-reflection, exploration and connection and invitation for you to find out how erotic leadership might look like for you and how an understanding of your desires and power dynamics can empower you in the bedroom and beyond. Knowing more about your power will not only help you to become a well-equipped lover but also a wholesome, kind and better person, able to approach power shifts with better communication skills and empathy. Likely with less drama too 🙂

To establish a balanced level of knowledge and experience of the participants in the room, we will start with consent. Playful, profound and connecting exercises will enable you to feel more relaxed and comfortable in the space, having gradually met others with respect and empathy. 

Before we dive into exploring our power dynamics in its wide ranges, we will start with ourselves. Acknowledging what desires we carry around, perhaps sometimes secretly, how they could define us, limit us or maybe scare us. Opening up to our fellow participants will help us acknowledge and communicate our feelings, deeper truths and connect with vulnerability, all the necessary ingredients for power play. 

In the final part of the workshop, we will have the opportunity to put into practice all we learned so far about consent, desires, and power and bring it all together to create a unique and personal experience of your erotic leadership. To enrich that space we will introduce restraint as a tool for playful and deeper possibilities of interaction. How to use restraint safely, creatively and effectively will be demonstrated. Feel free to bring your toys such as leather handcuffs, velcro strips or ropes if you have them. You won’t be missing out if you don’t. I will introduce you to the concept of mental restraint which is very effective and interesting in different scenarios.

Who is Marti Birch? 

Marti is an international facilitator and speaker specialising in women’s empowerment and erotic leadership. With 11 years of experience in the sexuality field, Marti has created her own unique approach to transformation and education around consent, sex and relationships. Marti’s background as a professional dominatrix enables her to imbue her teaching with intersectional feminism and politics, and provide a broader perspective around power and empathy. Marti is also a multi-disciplinary artist, using her work as a tool for storytelling, empowerment, and survival in the world.

What will you take home from the workshop
  • How to communicate desires, assert boundaries and connect in a sex-positive space
  • How to stay grounded when aroused, excited, or triggered
  • How to be an ally and stay open and kind when people from different backgrounds come together
  • Rich experience of vulnerability, sensuality, a sense of community and empathy
  • A playlist of songs which will be played throughout the workshop 
Safer space practices and access

Marti holds a safe space, inspired by her passion for equality, she established guidance which predominantly supports women and queer folks who often experience a predatory behavior.

  • Boundaries – honor yours and honor others’ boundaries. Rejection might be scary to face in any way around and that’s OK
  • Everything is an invitation – you don’t have to engage with any activities and take your time and space to do what feels right at that time
  • Be an ally – welcome to space where everyone practices activities consensually with everyone, no matter their gender identity, sexual preferences. This is not a hook-up space 
  • Confidentiality – what happens in the space, stays in space
  • No judgment – be kind to yourself and others, we are all humans worth respect and kindness
  • Introverts corner – there will be a designated space to sit on your own, without having to engage in conversation and just simply take time off from whatever is happening, during the workshop and at the breaks 


There will be a mix of movement exercises, sitting down and moving in space and engaging in short practices. You can choose to engage in them depending on your ability. There will be chairs available to sit comfortably and make sure the 4 hours of workshop won’t strain your abilities to enjoy yourself.

Touch and sensuality

Erotic Leadership as the name suggest is closely connected to ourselves and our sexual expression. Some of the exercises might involve touch and gentle sensuality. Please always consider your boundaries, especially if coming with a partner(s), lover(s) and pal(s) and consider your and their wellbeing before engaging with anything which might be challenging. Take responsibility for your body and your decisions first. 


17:00 – 18:00: PART 1: Female ejaculation open talk @The Hub 67

18:20- 18:45: PART 2: Workshop, exclusively for cunt-having people @The Hub 67