Diego Tigrotto is a sex-positive activist based in Rome, who organizes experiential meetings on conscious sexuality. In 2013, at Xplore Rome Festival, he starts his paths of Tantra, BDSM, Polyamory and Post-Porn.
That summer at the Burning Man and adopts the principle of Radical Self Expression and back home, he starts wearing animal onesies in everyday life. In 2017 he participates to the Hacker Porn film festival in Rome with the short film a Spanking Ode, winning the No Gender No Border Award. The movie has then been screened in various international festivals with enthusiastic responses. The following edition he directed and acted in Who’z Me Daddy? on a more controversial theme. Diego has been a member of the Jury for the short film competition in Berlin Porn Film Festival and Vienna PFF.

Who’z me daddy?

Ki è My Papino? (Who is Me Daddy?) was inspired by an actual fantasy that Lullaby Haze, who also acts in the short film, had. She imagined a sleazy dad encouraging her to explore sexuality after he catches her being loud in her room.

2018 Italy; Duration: 07:45