Bishop Black is a Berlin-based sex worker, porn performer and performance artist, originally from London. Bishop has been a prominent member of the queer alternative porn scene for more than five years and has been working in commercial porn on and off since his first film at the age of 23. Bishop is interested in sexual expression and fluidity, confronting the stereotypes that operate within pornography and exploring his own identity as a queer black man. In his neo-burlesque cabaret performances, Bishop plays with gender roles and expectations using the stage as a cathartic outlet where ritual, sex, sensuality and absurdity come together to challenge political structures -and make a few people go WTF.

Bishop is part of ‘Sex School Project’, a platform of explicit sex education films presented in UNCENSORED on Saturday 18 May, and also hosts the Sex School podcast. He is an avid tarot reader and an undercover foodie.



Bishop will bring to UNCENSORED the performance Eight of Swords. This card is typically known in Tarots as the one of restriction and interference. Swords are a suit in the deck that relate to the mind and mentality, logic and thinking. Bishop‘s performance uses this theme to address the restrictions and interferences that sex workers experience due to laws like FOSTA-SESTA or the Age Verification Act, the prevailing whorephobia and the policing of their bodies in social media. The piece addresses the idea of victimisation, stigma and rescue mentality, through metamorphosis, crisis and catharsis. 

SATURDAY 18 MAY 23.00 @The Yard Theatre